The Mounted Military Preformace Tour (MPTTP) is an annual horseback orientation tour that traditionally takes place in August. During this tour, the abilities of a horse under saddle or as a pack horse are tested on various terrains over a certain distance. The challenge for the participants is to complete the route with their horses as well as possible, with the welfare of the horse always being a priority. Prior to, during, and after the tour, all participating horses are thoroughly examined by a veterinarian.

In addition to riding the route, participants are confronted with various challenges and tasks along the way, such as agility tests, determining coordinates, and jumping.

Teams consist of 4-8 people, and collaboration is key. Over the years, the MPTTP has evolved into an international sports event, in which not only teams from the Dutch defense and uniformed services, such as the Royal Netherlands Army, Royal Netherlands Air Force, Royal Netherlands Navy, Marine Corps, National Police Corps, Royal Marechaussee, and National Reserve Corps, participate, but also increasingly international teams from other European countries.

The organization of the MPTTP is a non-profit organization, whose members, along with volunteers, are actively involved throughout the year in putting together a challenging journey.