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Every year we organize the Military Achievement Tour on Horseback. This event will also take place in 2024! This year the MPTTP will take place on August 31.

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The MPTTP 2024 promises to be another adventurous and challenging experience! This year, the route will take us across the Infantry Shooting Camp (ISK) of the Royal Netherlands Army and through the beautiful Hoge Veluwe National Park, where we will be guests.

This year’s MPTTP will take place on 31 August 2024.

The total route is about 35 km and takes us through military training grounds, among other places. In extremely hot weather or in case of emergencies, the board may decide to shorten the route, always with the welfare of the participants and their horses in mind.

Veterinary care

Before the participants start, the conditions of their horses will be checked by a veterinarian. Along the way, various (military) tasks await that must be completed as a team. About halfway through the route, there is a well-deserved rest point for both horse and rider. Here, the horses’ conditions are checked again by a veterinarian and drinking water is available for the horses, while the riders enjoy a lunch “in the field”.

During the route, a Crash Team will be on standby with vehicle and trailer to support in case of any peculiarities and calamities. Upon arrival at the finish line, the horses will be re-inspected and checked for their conditions.

It is important to stress that the MPTTP is a 35-km military performance race, with various tasks along the way. Participants are expected to be prepared both physically and mentally to be “Fit to Start and Finish”.

Boarding / Stables

Stabling and care of the horses are well arranged. For participants arriving on Friday for the BBQ and party night, horse boxes are available for overnight stay. A stable master has been appointed to ensure proper organisation. Booking a box can be indicated at registration for a small fee. The stalls are provided with straw as bedding and plenty of clean drinking water is available. Participants should bring their own (rough) feed for their horses.

After the MPTTP, participants are requested to leave the boxes clean themselves, as they are used to at home. There are limited stable tools available, so it is useful to bring some yourself. A vet will be on hand on both days and a notice board will be available at the stables with all the necessary information.


The programme for the MPTTP 2024 largely follows the same schedule as previous years. A detailed schedule will be made available in the notification instruction issued prior to the event. This will clearly outline all details of the daily activities and scheduled events so that participants are well prepared for what lies ahead.

We look forward to experiencing a fantastic MPTTP 2024 together with you!